ZINE / Circuit BMX shop stop edit!

BY: Ryan Sher / June 21, 2012
Zine Circuit BMX shop stop edit!

The “Support Your Local Shop” Tour hit the N.E. recently with a few more stops, and we managed to dodge the rain long enough during the stop at Ciruit BMX and their local cement part to put together a little edit. This came out pretty rad with a mix Subrosa pro riders, and some of the local shredders. Circuit BMX has bread a wide mix of riders and it was awesome to see, from a 10 year old doing a 360 flip to a trails boss hauling ass around the park. Great scene, great shop. Support Your Local Shop!

Subrosa riders include Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, and Scott Ditchburn

Edit by Hoang Tran

You can also check out all the photos from the event HERE.