ZINE / Boned Out!

BY: Ryan Sher / February 15, 2011
Skeleton Crew Boned Out!

“Hey Ryan,
So  yeah, last Sunday I went out riding filming every one’s intro shots for my video and I compound fractured my toe. The thing that is messed up is that I was trying this gap to rail, it was this gutter then about a meter footpath then a 15 stair rail. I pretty much got it, but I landed in feeble and scared the shit of me. I  jumped up all psyched that I didn’t kill myself  and because I was soo amped up I  tried to kick a water bottle, missed and kicked the gutter!  Haha soo shit house! Got a hole through my shoe from my bone! Then in the hospital Mike was in there just giving me support and doing some sneaky filming while the doctor putting my toe back into place when all of a sudden I hear the camera hit the ground and Mikey is passed out having a fit in the chair! The doc had to grab him put him on the floor, he was all good but man it was soo funny! Its all back in place now with a wire through it and hopefully in about a month I should be back on my bike.” – Raph

Damn son! Wild scene for sure, so if you feel like grossing out your mom or little sister click below to check out the uncensored photo of Raph’s toe! Get well soon homie!