ZINE / BIKE CHECK: Lahsaan Kobza’s Noster

BY: Ryan Sher / October 17, 2012
Zine BIKE CHECK: Lahsaan Kobza’s Noster

Lahsaan recently built up a double prototype of sorts. He’s currently helping test out Simone Barraco’s signature Subrosa Noster frame, and it’s painted in Lahsaan’s guest color, High Gloss Khaki. This thing looks so awesome, and straight from Lahsaan it rides amazing! This is our second round of samples of the Noster frame, and they are holding up to the abuse of Lahsaan and Simone great. We are moving forward with both the Noster frame (Available in April) and Lahsaan’s guest colorway (Available in July) so be on the lookout. These are both going to moving quick, so make sure you pre order with you local shop or mail order to make sure you get one without a wait. For now, drool over Lahsaan’s Subrosa Noster build up.

Lahsaan runs the Subrosa Noster frame, Villicus Forks, Villicus Bars, and Bitchin’ Cranks.