BY: Ryan Sher / April 16, 2012
Bike Check BIKE CHECK: Hoang Tran

Our homie Sam hooked another bike check for us while he was in SD for The Blunted Athletics Secret jam earlier this month. First up was Kyle Hart, and this time it’s Subrosa pro Hoang Tran with his Villicus V2. Hoang has been testing out this sample set up since interbike last year, so you know it can handle plenty of abuse. Check out some detailed photos of his bike and Hoang shredding below!

^ Hoang harnessing him inner chi.

^ Invert steez

^ Villicus Bars. Hoang has been testing his since Interbike last year. Still going…

^ Overview of Hoang’s bike with Maroon Odyssey touches. Beauty.

^Close up on the new rear end on the Villicus V2 frame.

^ Clean dropouts and tapered legs on the Villicus forks.

^ The mark of the new Villicus line.

^ Anchor badge on the Villicus Bars.

^ Hoang with a 270 table over the hip while the crew looks on. Burg!

^ Hoang boosts a turndown over the hip with Albert in tow.

^ Leave a funny caption for this in the comments.