ZINE / BIKE CHECK: Daisuke Yoshinaga

BY: Ryan Sher / February 1, 2012
Skeleton Crew BIKE CHECK: Daisuke Yoshinaga

Our main dude from Japan, Daisuke Yoshinaga has built up a new Silva frame. Daisuke owns and operates a badass BMX shop in Japan called SxMxB Airlines. He is a G and loves BMX! Check out the rest of the photos below, and get a look at his custom 80’s paint job…

^ Subrosa Bitchin’ Cranks, Bitchin’ B.B.

^ Subrosa Hold On stem

^ Hot pink and splatter! Possibly some Vans Shoes brake pads…

^ Subrosa Zombieland Seat, Layback Post, Devil Disc, and Gravedigger Tire!

^ It’s all about the details. Splatter lookin good!