ZINE / BOTB – Behind the Scenes

BY: Ryan Sher / February 10, 2021
Video BOTB – Behind the Scenes

Summer 2020 Subrosa fought it out in the Source BMX Battle of the Brands. He’s an awesome look behind the scenes of that event with Subrosa riders Matt Ray, Mark Burnett, Jabe Jones, and Lewis Colascione.

” SOURCE BMX presents: Battle Of The Brands / Lost & Found / Subrosa BTS
Desperate for even more Battle Of The Brands footage? Well the Subrosa Brand crew threw together this rad behind the scenes edit from their trip consisting of a bunch of unseen riding and shenanigans!

Enjoy and drop a comment below on who you would like to see on BOTB II

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Mark Burnett
Matt Ray
Jabe Jones
Lewis Colascione
Filmer: Wes McGrath

Locations: New York/New Jersey