ZINE / Bar fights and burritos.

BY: Ryan Sher / January 31, 2011
Skeleton Crew Bar fights and burritos.

The trip to Arizona has been an awesome time. Tons of amazing riding from the entire crew! Dollar tacos by the truckload might be the key to good riding, becauseĀ  I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with the late nights. Good times with The Daggers, and Ditch Crew included trails sessions, late night street spots, and two bar fights at one time. Thanks to the Subrosa guys for going in hard on Get Used To It, and be on the lookout for an online zine from the trip. Click below for some more action…

Lahsaan boostin the big line with Mulville.

Checkin out some clips of Mark owning the trails!

D’Amico feelin a little rough after some post gaming, wondering where his wallet is.

Surprisingly this cop said “Don’t get hurt” and drove off.

K.C. Badger took us to this spot, and chilled a good 20 feet above everyone.

Mark with a No-Foot Can that I blew. Don’t worry I have a ton of shots of Mark for the zine.