ZINE / Austin roadtrip photos.

BY: Ryan Sher / November 15, 2010
Zine Austin roadtrip photos.

Late last week, John Paul got a phone call from Stew Johnson who needed a favor. The favor was to pick up 8000 Anthem II poster and drive them to the premiere on Saturday. The funny thing was, the phone call came from Stew on Wednesday. John Paul soon bought a SUV, and Friday morning we set of for Austin with me, John Paul and Ryan Chadwick. Yes, the drive to Austin was the test drive for John Paul’s new truck.

We drove all night and made it to Austin in about 18 hours. After a stop off at Empire,  lunch at Chuy’s, and a trip to the liquor store we headed over to the premiere.  Here are a few photos I shot along the way on my phone.

P.S. The video is as rad as you’d expect it to be and Mark, Eli, and Hoang all kill it!