ZINE / Artem Agarkov Video Bike Check!

BY: Ryan Sher / July 25, 2018
Bike Check Artem Agarkov Video Bike Check!

Our Russian shredder Artem Agarkov sent over this rad video bike check which obviously features his current set up, but he threw in some bangin riding clips to keep you satisfied. Check it out!

У Артема красивый велик и мощный скилл. И то, и другое в видосе.

Frame: Subrosa OM
Fork: Shadow Inceptiv v2
Bar: Subrosa Ray
Stem: Shadow Chula
Рулевая: Shadow
Seat: Subrosa Matt Ray Designer
Seat Post: Shadow Pivotal
Cranks: Shadow Killer
Sprocket: Shadow Jesco
Pedals: Shadow Surface
Chain: Shadow Interlock v2
Hubs: Shadow Symbol
Rims: Shadow Truss
Pegs: Code Anaconda
Tires: Shadow Valor

Thanks to Hellride