ZINE / Anthem II premiere, Orlando style.

BY: Ryan Sher / December 2, 2010
Zine Anthem II premiere, Orlando style.

The Anthem II premiere went down the day after Thanksgiving, and Mike Cottle pulled it off! Kerryman’s “Steeler Room” was packed, and the people in the rest of the bar were huddled against the windows watching the video too. Beer flowing, wings, and even pitchers of shots were consumed. Yes, pitchers of shots. We started the raffle for the Subrosa Salvador, and already made enough for a load of clay. Definitely a badass night! Click below to see all the photos Big Bad James sent over.

Cottle, and the video…


Mulville, my girlfriend, and me. No me and Mark aren’t about to kiss.


Painter, Cottle, and me.


This is Red Bull Dave. He lives at Kona. He is an O.G. for real.


Celebrating how awesome Mark’s section was.


Red beards unite! Ronnie B. and Mulville.


Thanks for everyone who has helped with the raffle. The drawing will be on  Dec 6th.