ZINE / and the winners are…

BY: Ryan Sher / February 24, 2011
Zine and the winners are…

and the winners are…..

Liam Bowers
Josh Richardson
Ryan Kirsh

I’ll post the winning videos on the Subrosa site so you can see them all. The 3 winners above need to email me there address to


Thanks to everyone that entered. There will be more contests like this on a regular basis, so keep checkin our Facebook.

Check out the winning video below.

Josh Richardson sent in this awesome midget face slide!

Go to BNQT.com for more videos.
Ryan Kirsh sent in the S.D. Knuckleheads edit. I might be biased, but I love this video. “Downside Retard to Sideways Fuckin Idiot.”

Liam Bowers sent in Titty Drummer!