ZINE / Alfredo Mancuso: How to use Subrosa locks

BY: Ryan Sher / January 10, 2017
Video Alfredo Mancuso: How to use Subrosa locks

Our homie Alfredo Mancuso has been nonstop on his Youtube channel. He’s doing everything from riding videos, how-to’s, vlogs, and behind the scenes videos from heavy sessions out in Cali. In this video Alf runs you through the line of Subrosa locks, and the best ways times, and places to use each one. Check it out, and after , hit Alf with a comment, a like, and subscription click!

“For today’s Tech Thursday we go over the different types of locks to use to safely protect your BMX BIKE!

Subrosa Brand (http://subrosabrand.wpengine.com/the-all-new-s…) has really take the forefront on protecting your BMX by introducing:

The Combat Lock – $19.99

Warhead Lock $26.99

Shield Lock $44.99

and Brigade Lock $64.99

Each lock has a different level of safety protection they provide and they all cater to a variety of different needs, uses and price ranges!

Hope this helps to keep your bike safe, in your position and might even come in handy to defend yourself!

Please let me know in the comments about videos you want to see, other tutorials, and any other suggestions you guys might have!

Thank you everyone 🙂

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– Alfredo Mancuso