ZINE / Aeslin Bystry and her Tiro!

BY: Ryan Sher / January 10, 2013
Zine Aeslin Bystry and her Tiro!

Subrosa Brand Tiro

Got this email from our buddy Kip at Master Blaster Planet, check it out.

“Hey Ryan, My long time riding buddy for over 20 years Mark Bystry, bought a Subrosa Tiro 18″ for his daughter Aeslin this Christmas. He has a couple of boys as well. They all ride bmx together along with the other kids in his town. If you’re still posting photos of people with their Subrosa’s and/or your come up short on content, here’s a pretty cool photo for the Subrosa site!” – Kip

Thanks Kip, and thanks Mark and Aeslin, keep rippin!