ZINE / 2017 Complete Bike Videos!

BY: Ryan Sher / July 12, 2016
Video 2017 Complete Bike Videos!

Check out some new visuals for our 2017 complete bike range!

We always put a lot of thought and time into our complete bike videos. We put a ton of effort into creating the best complete bikes so we always try to feature them in unique ways.

In the past few years we’ve done riding videos, animated our catalog into a video, and I even dropped some voice over tracks over some close ups of our bikes. I’ve loved them all, but for this year we want the bikes to be the focus and give the colors, details, highlights and spec some shine time.

We stayed up late, so the warehouse was dark, and the bikes got lit… up. Check out an even closer look at the 2017 line in our online catalog.

Check out all the videos here!

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I also linked up some of the previous years videos below.