ZINE / 2015 Subrosa Complete Bike Videos

BY: Ryan Sher / October 7, 2014
Video 2015 Subrosa Complete Bike Videos

We’ve just uploaded our annual complete bike videos. These videos give you a little more insight on what the 2015 Subrosa complete bikes have to offer, and what they’re designed for. The videos show the level of riding each model and price range is for, get you up close and personal with the spec, highlights, features and colorways.

As always hit the product section for the full list of every part, every spec, and detailed shots of every model.

Thanks to Beau Harvey, Kyle and Seth Broccolo, Heberto Segura, Anthony Soricelli, Roman Bugos, Willy, Francisco, Lars and Hoang Tran who came out and helped us ride and show these bikes off!