ZINE / 2014 Malum first look and review!

BY: Ryan Sher / May 21, 2013
Zine 2014 Malum first look and review!

The dudes over at BMX Plus! magazine got their hands on the first 2014 Subrosa Malum complete a few months back and quickly went to work testing it out for the magazine. Well, they threw everything they could at it, grinds, wallrides, big stair gaps, even a harsh full speed up-rail. The 2014 Malum could not be beaten! They couldn’t even get the bars to slip. I’m extremely proud of our complete bikes, and this helps to back up what we try to do. Bikes that can handle the abuse you can dish out to it, all while looking good as hell! Be on the lookout for our entire 2014 being released on our site very soon, and pick up the new BMX Plus! and read for yourself about the 2014 Subrosa Malum.