ZINE / 2013 Subrosa complete bikes back in stock!

BY: Ryan Sher / October 25, 2012
Zine 2013 Subrosa complete bikes back in stock!

We got a re-up on the 2013 line of complete bikes in! By far our most popular line up yet. These bikes from the Altus to the Novus are packed full with increased spec from previous years. More parts from The Shadow Conspiracy, more chromoly, and all new colorways, these bikes are so rad. When I think about the bikes I had growing up, it’s insane what we can offer for every style and skill level of rider. Take a look at the Novus above, and click below to check out edits with all of our complete bikes!

2013 Subrosa Malum

2013 Subrosa Letum

2013 Subrosa Arum

2013 Subrosa Salvador

2013 Subrosa Tiro

2013 Subrosa Altus