ZINE / 2013 BTS Softgoods

BY: Ryan Sher / August 2, 2013
Zine 2013 BTS Softgoods

Subrosa BTS

FINALLY! I am so damn psyched to announce that Suborsa’s “Venom Denim” line is here! We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and the time was right.
Our Venom Denim line starts off with a great fitting, amazing looking fully custom jacket. Custom cut, buttons, patches, and sewn in hoodie liner, and to top off the jacket our new pin set is included so you can personalize just for you.
Our newest backpack is built to be tough and versitile! Use the saddle bags to carry everything you own on trips, and simply unhook them to have a lightweight, slim bag to cruise through the halls of school. Again, fully custom cut, leather patches, custom zippers, and huge Venom Denim embroidery on the back panel. This bag is so sick.
Well you definitely aren’t going to have a denim line without jeans. The Venom Denim jeans are built to shred in! Slim cut, with just the right amount of stretch to move around on your bike. Custom buttons, leather patch, and custom shoestring belt loops hidden in the belt loops! No more man thong or whale tail! Subrosa shoestring belt included just because.
Completing the line is the accessories. Leather and denim belt, iPhone Case/ Wallet, and snaback hat. If you remember our last iPhone Case/ Wallet you know this won’t last long. We sold out of those so fast. They fit all iPhones, and keep it protected.
Jesus, enough talking… click the image below to open the full screen mode and check out our new “Venom Denim” line out for yourself, and peep all our new tees, 3/4’s, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, and more.