ZINE / 2011 Completes are coming!

BY: Ryan Sher / July 14, 2010
Zine 2011 Completes are coming!

The 2011 Subrosa Complete Bikes will be arriving here at Sparky’s Distribution in the next 2 weeks! That means they’ll also be arriving at shops and mail orders around the same time. We’ve added a list of our complete bike dealers to the site so you can find out exactly when they’re gunna be in, and put your favorite on hold so they don’t sell out before you get there. If you check out the feature boxes on the right side of this site, click on the one that says “Find your local U.S. Subrosa Complete Bike dealer.”¬† These aren’t the only shops that carry Subrosa, this list is just the shops that have enrolled in our programs to guarantee¬† that they will receive the bike the second they are available. If you’re in another country, you can hit the “Distributors” button on the navigation bar and find your countries distributor and contact them. We’re up to 27 countries!