ZINE / 2011 B.T.S. Softgoods!

BY: Ryan Sher / June 23, 2011
Skeleton Crew 2011 B.T.S. Softgoods!

I posted up our 2011 BTS Softgoods Lookbook today, so check it out. If ya notice we have a shirt for Mike Aitken in there. Just so there isn’t any rumors or gossip, Mikey is still on Fit, and this shirt has nothing to do with sponsorship. We’ve known Mike for a long time now, and the entire Subrosa family just wanted to do something for him. All the proceeds from this shirt will go to Mikey and his family. My friend Travis Gardner and I shot the photo right after Mikey’s accident and have been wanting to do something with it for a while. Seeing that we are both into Trans Ams, it worked out quite nice. So whether you’re into Subrosa, or just into Mikey, let’s all help him out. The shirt will be available everywhere soon, and I will be adding a list to the site of all the places you can get it from. Thanks.