ZINE / 10 Tom Perry photos.

BY: Ryan Sher / July 7, 2010
Zine 10 Tom Perry photos.


Tom Perry is a pretty good friend to everyone at Subrosa. He lives in San Diego and rides with Hoang, Kyle and Lahsaan a lot. He also takes rad photos. Put those together and you get 10 rad photos by Tom Perry of Hoang, Kyle and Lahsaan. The first one is a Nose wheelie by Hoang in Down town San Diego. Click below to see the rest.

Hoang Whip.

Hoang Turndown.

Hoang Rail hop 180.

Hoang Scud Missile Tabes.

Lahsaan Double peg to something better than you can do.

Lahsaan faces of death.

Lahsaan and Kyle Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Kyle and Lahsaan Young Hearts Unite.

Kyle Hart Shitface.