Video How To Double Tire Ride

This week’s How-To from Subrosa riders Lars Tepaske and Francisco Jimenez is all about the Double Tire Ride! These two have broken the trick down to the basics and give you tips on what to do and what not to do. They even throw in some pointers that will help you learn this trick even faster and safely! As always, have fun, and enjoy the process of learning a new trick, and if you know how to do it already, pass this video on to someone who does’t. For more info on the Subrosa Street Rail click HERE. Follow Lars- @superslowlars Follow Fran- @frangoesham —————– Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see new Subrosa Videos! Subrosa Facebook Subrosa Instagram Subrosa Twitter...

Johnny Ice graduates!

Zine Johnny Ice graduates!

All white cap and gown shinin! Check out Johnny Ice celebrating his High School graduation by shreddin his campus! We’re a little late to the party on this one, but, we’d like to send a huge congrats going out to Johnny from all of us at Subrosa! Welcome to the real world buddy! Thanks to Wes Mcgrath for all the great photos! Look for Johnny Ice on the California leg of the Shadow/Subrosa World Tour!

Video HOW – TO Hanger the Subrosa Street Rail

Lars and Francisco are back to help you out with a new trick! The dynamic duo of Lars Tepaske and Francisco Jimenez are back to teach you how to do a tooth hanger on your Subrosa Street Rail! Use their tips to start trying out this trick, and if you tried it before, check it out to help you dial them in on the Subrosa Street Rail A-Frame Kit! If you know how to Tooth Hanger, pass this onto someone who can’t yet. Check out what the Subrosa Street Rail is all about! Also check out How-To Double Peg, and How-To Ice! Follow Lars on Instagram- @superslowlars Follow Fran on Instagram- @frangoesham —————– Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see new Subrosa Videos! Subrosa Facebook Subrosa Instagram Subrosa Twitter...

Video Keandre in Miami edit!

Check out the latest edit from Subrosa rider Keandre Lindo! Florida ripper Keandre Lindo spent a few short days in Miami while filmer Poiss Barbier was around and took full advantage of the camera time. Tons of great spots along with Keandre’s trick list and style, will have you stoked that summer is here and get you hyped to go ride! Keandre is always on his bike, and you can keep up with his adventures on Instagram by following @keandrelindo While your at it, check out his squad @theroutinecrew Filmed and Edited by Poiss Barbier Music by Yung Simmie “High Up” Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see new Subrosa Videos Subrosa Facebook Subrosa Instagram Subrosa...

Video Johnny Ice for The Shadow Conspiracy!

The legend of Johnny Ice grows… “Albuquerque Shadow rider Johnny Atencio didn’t sleep this past winter. Instead of hibernating like the rest of the world, he was stacking heavy clips and filming smooth lines for this brand new Shadow edit. See what the young crank arm master put together by hitting play!” –The Shadow Conspiracy